RS Elektronikk AS
Open frame LCD-Skjerm for CNC-maskiner

( 8.4” 10.4” 12.1” 15”)

Easy to replace any broken CNC / Industrial CRT monitor,Charmilles EDM & WIRE-CUT CRT monitor, Sodick EDM & Wire-Cut CRT display, INJECTION MACHINES CRT monitor, SPECIAL PURPOSE MACHINE CRT display, and in virtually all commercial / industrial manufacturing machinery from manufacturers such as; Fanuc, Siemens, Mazak, Heidenhain, Hitachi, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Sharp, Tatung, Totoku, and Magnetek, and etc. Highly reliable and durable panel mount ready LCD with built-in  Industrial Video converter unit, designed for use in most commercial and industrial machinery manufacturing environments.

  • Dekker stort område for bruk på industrimaskiner
  • Lettvekt svart-metall kabinett.
  • Praktiske monteringshull i ramme
  • Input / output kontakter og On-screen-meny tydlig merket.
  • Input tilkobling gjennom VGA D-sub 9pin tilkobling (Interface med 3,6,7,9,14,20,24 og 25pin)
  • Supporterer RGB-input med seperat sync(RGBHV) combined/composite sync(RGBH+V), sync on green (SoG/RGsB/RGBs) og YUV (YPbPr)
  • Støtter horizontal frequency fra 12kHz thru til 40kHz (MDA,CGA,EGA,VGA,YUV)
  • Ubegrenset vertikal frequency støtte.
  • Støtter Progressive og Interlaced signal
  • Støtter digital og analog video-signal(0,5-1V analog, TTL 3,5V digital.

This screen  achieves full automatic conversion from industrial video signal MDA / CGA / EGA / RGB…to standard VGA. It also brings tangible benefit and convenience to our customers in terms of repairing & replacing industrial monitor. In order to provide more convenient operation, here we are glad to introduce our new launched 8"10"12" & Industrial monitor all-in-one model.